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Cloud Server Selection Guide

Update time 2023-02-25 19:01  Version v2.0
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1. If your business has support or suggestions from other software manufacturers, please refer to the software manufacturers’ suggestions.

2. If you need to run at least one database application (Mysql/Redis/Memcached/…), please select memory larger than 1GiB and the database persists in the vSSD cloud disk.

3. If your business is low-latency (game server/bidding business) application, please choose high-frequency CPU (higher than 3Ghz).

4. If your business pursues the most stringent long-term performance stability, please choose an dedicated CPU (Dedicated series).

5. If your business is to back up other clouds or factory floors or your private data, please choose a large-capacity HDD cloud disk.

6. If you or your customers may live in mainland China, please select the traffic or bandwidth with CN2 GIA.

7. If the network load of your application is stable for a long time, you should choose bandwidth first. On the contrary, if the network load of your application only appears intermittently, you should choose traffic.

8. Please don’t use SWAP when lack of memory, it will hinder the performance a lot, you will have a very bad experience, and even the application will crash.

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