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Product Features

Flexible computing

The hardware and racks of SiliCloud are from famous international brands, such as HPE, DELL, INTEL, SAMSUNG, Cyxtera, Colt, etc. Based on excellent underlying support and more cutting-edge software technology, SiliCloud has enough confidence to provide users with better reliability after 8 years of iterative technical solutions.

Diversified config

CVM provides multiple types of instances and operating systems. The CPU, memory, hard disk, and bandwidth in each instance can be flexibly adjusted to meet the resource needs of your application.

Stable reliable

SiliCloud uses Ceph instead of RAID. Ceph's cross-node three replicas can provide higher data security, so that user business can run more stably for a longer time. Even if the CPU/RAM hardware is replaced, there will be no interruption.

Simple manage

The user has root privileges on the vServer. You can manage to your vServer using tools like SiliCloud Panel, noVNC, API, etc. Security group settings, reboot, and reinstalling the OS are no problem.

Secure network

The vServer runs in a logically isolated private network (VPC), and the network port security of the vServer is more carefully protected through the Security Group. Public network access has been cleaned by FortiGate's latest virus database. Multiple protection inside and outside to ensure the security of your intranet and public network at all times.

Comprehensive protection

The size of the vServer from small to large greatly saves your cost of building in the early stage and expanding your business in the later stage. Dedicated or shared models and various periodic billing methods, close to material cost pricing, create a more affordable option for you.

Low cost

CVM is deployed in the cloud, which greatly saves you the cost of building basic network facilities in the early stage and the maintenance cost in the later stage. CVM instances support two billing methods: pay-as-you-go and monthly and annual. You can choose the billing method flexibly according to the usage scenario. In the pay-as-you-go model, you only need to pay for the computing resources you actually use.

Service integration

Most of the services of CVM and SICloud can be highly integrated, such as object storage, private network VPC, cloud database, etc., to provide complete solutions for customers' businesses in terms of computing, storage, and network transmission.