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Block storage volume Pricing (Cloud Drive/ISO/Snapshot)

Update time:2022-12-04 21:27  Version:v3.4
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1.This page contains pricing for cloud disks, snapshots, ISO/OS templates.

2.Cloud disk means(Volume):

The virtual hard disk used by the VM to store data is divided into HDD and SSD in view of the difference in speed.

3.Snapshot means:

In the long-term operation of the above-mentioned cloud disk, the data regularly backed up is called a snapshot. Generally used for data backup and recovery.

4.ISO/OS template means:

You can upload an ISO file, or create a system template based on an existing system cloud disk. The ISO and system templates are used for you to create VMs later.

The price on this page may lag behind and is for reference only. Please confirm the real price when you settle the product or check it when you issue the bill.

SSD Volume :

Product Description :

IOPS min-value:8000 iops

IOPS max-value:25000 iops

IOPS calculation formulacapacity(GB) * 50 iops

Min throughput:192 MB/s

Max throughput:480 MB/s

Throughput calculation formulacapacity(GB) * 0.5 MB/s

Pricing :


HDD Volume :

Product Description:

IOPS min-value:256 iops

IOPS max-value:768 iops

IOPS calculation formulacapacity(GB) * 8 iops

Min throughput:100 MB/s

Max throughput:192 MB/s

Throughput calculation formulacapacity(GB) * 0.5MB/s



Hot Archive :

Product Description:

Contains ISOs, system templates, snapshots, etc. Read-only block devices

Please note that this product is postpaid.

After you set up automatic backup or manual backup, please ensure that your balance in the corresponding currency is sufficient.

Otherwise, the backup will not continue to be created, and the created backup will be deleted due to arrears.



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