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TCP port 25 - use application

Update time 2023-07-08 18:52  Version v1.0
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To curb spam, new Silicon Cloud accounts created after December 5, 2022 have restricted mail ports (25, 465, and 587) by default.

If you recently signed up and need to send an email, please open a ticket from the console and provide us with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your business or company name (if applicable).
  3. Describe your email purpose in clear detail. Please include an explanation of how you will avoid sending unwanted emails.
  4. The domain where the email will be sent.
  5. Links to public information (such as your business or application’s website, Twitter profile, GitHub, etc.)

Customers who need to send email from multiple compute instances may be asked to provide more details. It may take up to 72 hours for us to review your request.

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