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VPC Product Description

Update time 2023-02-26 12:26  Version v1.8
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1.What is a VPC

VPC products are network products, mainly used to isolate the signal interference of the Layer 2 network between users and projects. The network is divided into many levels, and different levels have different divisions of labor. From the perspective of the switch device, the difference between network data packets is that they have different MAC addresses, the forwarding table is maintained based on the MAC address, and the data packets are forwarded based on the forwarding table. When the data packet arrives at the router (working on the third layer), the router will check the IP address information in the data packet and perform forwarding processing based on the IP address.

VPC is a virtual switch device (working on the second layer). Switches (similar to virtual and physical devices), work based on MAC addresses, and have a large number of functions that require the use of global broadcasts. If users and users, projects and projects are in the same layer 2 network, you will receive a lot of irrelevant and potentially harmful broadcast information.

As a virtual switching layer, VPC isolates Layer 2 communication, making your Layer 2 network safer and quieter.

2.How does VPC play a role among SiliCloud users

VPC products are provided in different ways in different merchants. Some merchants do not provide VPC services; some merchants charge for VPC products; some merchants provide VPC services for free.

SiliCloud provides users with free VPC services. The cloud service opened by the user on the SiliCloud platform will automatically assign a VPC and isolate it from other users. Users do not need to understand too much configuration information or professional knowledge, this process is fully automatic.

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