AOP – Aspect Oriented Programming On PHP

APC – Alternative PHP Cache

APCu – APCu – APC User Cache

APM – Alternative PHP Monitor

ApacheAccessor – simple API to Apache runtime configuration

BLENC – BLowfish ENCryption for PHP Scripts

Bitset – BITSET library

CUBRID – This is the official PHP Extension to connect to CUBRID Database.

DBDO – Database DataObjects

DBus – Extension for interaction with DBUS busses

DTrace – A Solaris Dtrace provider

Druid – A Druid driver for PHP with PECL extension.

Fileinfo – libmagic bindings

FliteTTS – Text to speech voice synthesis for PHP

FreeImage – Provides a wrapper to the FreeImage library.

GDChart – GDChart Based Graphing Interface

IMS – Communication with IBM Z/OS through IMS Connect

Judy – PHP Judy implements sparse dynamic arrays (aka Judy Arrays)

KTaglib – Library to edit audio properties and tags on MPEG and OGG files

Mosquitto – Extension for libmosquitto

Net_Gopher – fopen wrapper for the gopher protocol

Ovrimos – Ovrimos interface

PAM – PAM integration

PDO – PHP Data Objects Interface.

PDO_4D – PDO driver for 4D-SQL database


PDO_DBLIB – FreeTDS/Sybase/MSSQL driver for PDO

PDO_FIREBIRD – Firebird/InterBase 6 driver for PDO

PDO_IBM – PDO driver for IBM databases

PDO_INFORMIX – PDO driver for IBM Informix INFORMIX databases

PDO_MYSQL – MySQL driver for PDO

PDO_OCI – Oracle Call Interface driver for PDO

PDO_ODBC – ODBC v3 Interface driver for PDO

PDO_PGSQL – PostgreSQL driver for PDO

PDO_SQLANYWHERE – SAP SQL Anywhere driver for PDO

PDO_SQLITE – SQLite v3 Interface driver for PDO

PDO_XML – PHP extension to export results from PHP PDO to XML

PECL_Gen – Tool to generate PECL extensions from an XML description

PHPScript – Allows you to use PHP as an ActiveScript engine from within other applications

POP3 – POP3 Client Library

Paradox – An extension to read and write Paradox files

Parse_Tree – Generates a parse tree for a PHP source file in XML format.

PreProcessor – PHP Macro Preprocessor

SCA_SDO – Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) for PHP

SPL – Standard PHP Library

SPL_Types – Standard PHP Library, Types Addon

SQLite – SQLite database bindings

SeasLog – A effective,fast,stable log extension for PHP.

TCLink – Enables credit card processing via the TrustCommerce payment gateway

TextCat – Simple class to extract language of texts

Valkyrie – Valkyrie validation extension

WBXML – WBXML to XML conversion

Weakref – Implementation of weak references

WinBinder – A Native Windows Binding for PHP

WinCache – Windows Cache Extension for PHP

XMLRPCi – Improved XML-RPC

ZendOpcache – The Zend OPcache provides faster PHP execution through opcode caching and optimization.

amfext – ActionScript Message Format extension

amqp – Communicate with any AMQP compliant server

apcu_bc – APCu Backwards Compatibility Module

apd – A full-featured engine-level profiler/debugger

apfd – Always Populate Form Data

apn – An extension for sending push notifications to iOS and OS X devices from within your PHP code

archive – archive extension

ares – Asynchronous Resolver

augeas – PHP bindings to the Augeas API

automap – The automap accelerator

axis2 – Web Services for PHP

bbcode – BBCode parsing Extension

bcompiler – A bytecode compiler

big_int – big_int library provides a set of functions for calculations with arbitrary length integers and bitsets

binpack – binpack for PHP.

bloomy – Extension implementing a Bloom filter

bz2 – A Bzip2 management extension

bz2_filter – bz2 filter implementation backport for PHP 5.0

cairo – Cairo Graphics Library Extension

cairo_wrapper – Cairo Wrapper Extension

cassandra – DataStax PHP Driver for Apache Cassandra

chdb – A fast database for constant data with memory sharing across processes

classkit – Runtime redefinition of class methods

cld – PHP Bindings for Chromium Compact Language Detector

clips – Integrated CLIPS environment for deployment of expert systems

clucene – Extension for CLucene

coherence – Extension for Oracle Coherence

coin_acceptor – Interface for serial coin acceptors

colorer – Syntax highlighting

couchbase – Couchbase Server PHP extension

courierauth – courierauth binding

cpdf – C language API definitions for ClibPDF library

crack – “Good Password” Checking Utility: Keep your users’ passwords reasonably safe from dictionary based attacks

crack_dll – “Good Password” Checking Utility: Keep your users’ passwords reasonably safe from dictionary based attacks

crypto – Wrapper for OpenSSL Crypto Library

cvsclient – CVS pserver client

cybercash – providesa access to cybercash online payment API

cybermut – CyberMut Paiement System

cyrus – An extension which eases the manipulation of Cyrus IMAP servers.

daffodildb – Daffodil DB extention module Driver.

date_time – Date and Time Library

dazuko – Dazuko file-access-control

dbase – dBase database file access functions

dbplus – db++ database functions

dbx – Database abstraction functions

dio – Direct I/O functions

docblock – phpDocumentor-style DocBlock (T_DOC_COMMENT token) tokenizer

dom_varimport – Convert nested arrays into DOMDocument

domxml – DOM XML Functions

doublemetaphone – Provide Double Metaphone functionality

drizzle – PHP wrapper to libdrizzle

ds – Data Structures

ecasound – Ecasound provides audio recording and processing functions

eio – Provides interface to the libeio library

enchant – libenchant binder, support near all spelling tools

env – Load environment variables into PHP from a global configuration file

ereg – POSIX Regex Functions

esmtp – ESMTP client extenion

ev – Provides interface to libev library

event – Provides interface to libevent library

expect – PHP extension for expect library

fam – File Alteration Monitor Functions

fann – Wrapper for FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network) Library

ffi – Foreign Function Interface

filepro – filePro database access functions

filter – Extension for safely dealing with input parameters.

fpdf – PDF Form Data Format functions

framegrab – A video frame grabber extension

fribidi – Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (bidi)

funcall – Add callbacks for any function/method

functional – Functional primitives for PHP

fuse – File system in user space package

gRPC – A high performance, open source, general RPC framework that puts mobile and HTTP/2 first.

gearman – PHP wrapper to libgearman

gender – Gender Extension

geoip – Map IP address to geographic places

geospatial – PHP Extension to handle common geospatial functions

gmagick – Provides a wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library.

gnupg – wrapper around the gpgme library

graphdat – Troubleshoot application and server performance

gupnp – GUPnP wrapper extension

handlebars – Handlebars templating language

haru – Haru PDF functions

hash – HASH Message Digest Framework

hdr_histogram – A PHP extension wrapper for the C hdrhistogram API

hidef – Constants for real

hprose – Hprose for PHP.

hrtime – High resolution timing

html_parse – HTML parser extenion

htscanner – htaccess support for PHP

huffman – Huffman compression is a lossless compression algorithm that is ideal for compressing textual data.

hwapi – Include official Hyperwave API support

ibm_db2 – Extension for IBM DB2 Universal Database, IBM Cloudscape, and Apache Derby

id3 – Functions to read and write ID3 tags in MP3 files.

idn – GNU Libidn

igbinary – igbinary extension

imagick – Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library.

imlib2 – Provides an image manipulation interface using libimlib2

inclued – Clued-in about your inclueds

informix – Informix driver

ingres – Extension for the Ingres/Vectorwise Database Systems.

inotify – Inotify

intercept – Intercept function/method calls

intl – Internationalization extension

ip2location – Get geo location information of an IP address

ircclient – IRC Client

isis – PHP extension for reading CDS/ISIS databases.

jsmin – PHP extension for minifying JavaScript

json – JavaScript Object Notation.

json_post – JSON POST handler

jsonc – JavaScript Object Notation

jsond – JavaScript Object Notation

jsonnet – The Google JsonNet for PHP.

kadm5 – Remote access to Kerberos Administration Servers

krb5 – Features:

lapack – Wrapper for the LAPACK linear algebra library.

lchash – LibC Hash Interface

leveldb – LevelDB PHP bindings

libevent – Libevent – event notification

libsodium – Wrapper for the Sodium cryptographic library

libvirt – PHP bindings for libvirt

llvm – Zend bytecode to LLVM assembly compiler

lua – Embedded lua interpreter

lzf – LZF compression.

mailparse – Email message manipulation

markdown – Processes the Markdown language with the bundled discount library.

maxdb – An extension to access MaxDB databases

mcrypt – Bindings for the libmcrypt library

mcrypt_filter – Applies mcrypt symmetric encryption using stream filters

mcve – libmonetra/libmcve interface

mdbtools – MDB data file access library

memcache – memcached extension

memcached – PHP extension for interfacing with memcached via libmemcached library

memoize – Transparently cache PHP functions

memprof – memory usage profiler

memsession – In-memory session extension

memtrack – PHP extension to watch (unusually high) memory consumption in PHP scripts

meta – Build ASTs and CSTs from PHP source code

ming – Binding for the ming library, swf generation (flash)

mnogosearch – mnoGoSearch extension module for PHP

mogilefs – PHP client library to communicate with the MogileFS storage

mongo – MongoDB database driver

mongodb – MongoDB driver for PHP

mono – Allows you to access .NET assemblies from PHP

mqseries – mqseries client library

msession – mohawksoft session serveur support

msgpack – PHP extension for interfacing with MessagePack

mustache – Mustache templating language

mysql – MySQL database access functions

mysql_xdevapi – MySQL X DevAPI for PHP

mysqlnd_memcache – A PHP extension for transparently translating SQL into requests for the MySQL InnoDB Memcached Daemon Plugin

mysqlnd_ms – A replication and load balancing plugin for mysqlnd

mysqlnd_qc – A query cache plugin for mysqlnd

mysqlnd_uh – MySQLnd Userland Handler

namazu – full-text search extension using Namazu

ncurses – Terminal screen handling and optimization package

netools – Networking tools

newt – Extension for Red Hat Newt window library

notes – Lotus Notes bindings for PHP

oauth – oauth consumer extension

ocal – Oracle Calendar connectivity

oci8 – Extension for Oracle Database

odbtp – ODBTP client functions

oggvorbis – OGG wrapper for OGG/Vorbis files

openal – OpenAL Bindings

opencv – An OpenCV binding for PHP

opendirectory – PHP interface to OpenDirectory Framework

opengl – OpenGL (3D graphics library) for PHP

operator – Operator overloading for Objects

optimizer – PHP optimizer extension for APC

panda – Panda PDF library

pango – Wrapper for the Pango text rendering library

params – Parameter Parsing Utility

parsekit – PHP Opcode Analyser

pcs – PHP Code Service

pcsc – An extension for PHP using the winscard PC/SC API

pdflib – Creating PDF on the fly with the PDFlib library

pdo_sqlsrv – Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server (PDO_SQLSRV)

pdo_user – Userspace driver for PDO

pecl_http – Extended HTTP Support

perforce – Perforce API Extension

perl – Embedded Perl.

phar – allows running of complete applications out of .phar files (like Java .jar files)

phdfs – PHP client library to communicate with the hadoop hdfs

phk – An optional accelerator for Automap and PHK

php_xcb – A Wrapper to XCB, the X11 C Bindings

postparser – Handle file file uploads within a php script

pq – PostgreSQL client library (libpq) binding

printer – Extension to control a printer or or draw to printer device on Windows

proctitle – Allows setting the current process name on Linux and BSD

propro – Property proxy

protobuf – Google’s language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data.

protocolbuffers – Protocol Buffers are a way of encoding structured data in an efficient yet extensible format. Google uses Protocol Buffers for almost all of its internal RPC protocols and file formats.

ps – An extension to create PostScript files

pthreads – Threading API

python – Embedded Python

qb – Accelerator designed mainly for graphic work

qqwry – Get IP location from QQWry file

quickhash – Provides a set of specific strongly-typed classes for sets and hashing

radius – Radius client library

raphf – Resource and persistent handles factory

rar – rar extension

rdkafka – Kafka client based on librdkafka

re2 – Extension for RE2

redis – PHP extension for interfacing with Redis

ref – Soft and Weak references support in PHP

request – Provides server-side request and response objects.

riak – Riak database PHP extension

rpmreader – RPM file meta information reader

rrd – PHP bindings to rrd tool system

rsvg – RSVG Extension

rsync – Wrapper for librsync library

runkit – For all those things you…. probably shouldn’t have been doing anyway…. but surely do!

sam – SAM – Simple Asynchronous Messaging for PHP

sasl – Cyrus SASL Extension

scream – Break the silence operator

scrypt – Scrypt hashing function

sdl – Simple DirectMedia Layer for PHP

selinux – SELinux binding for PHP script language

session_mysql – mysql session save handler for php

shape – libshape wrapper

smbclient – A PHP wrapper for libsmbclient

solr – The Apache Solr PHP extension is an extremely fast, light-weight, feature-rich library that allows PHP applications to communicate easily and efficiently with Apache Solr server instances using an object-oriented API.

sphinx – Client extension for Sphinx – opensource SQL full-text search engine

spidermonkey – JavaScript engine for PHP

spplus – SPPLUS Paiement System

spread – A php interface to the Spread toolkit API

sqlanywhere – Extension for SQLAnywhere Database

sqlite3 – SQLite v3 Database Bindings.

sqlsrv – Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server (SQLSRV)

ssdeep – Fuzzy hashing makes it easy to identify similar or almost identical text by simply comparing two hashes against each other.

ssh2 – Bindings for the libssh2 library

statgrab – libstatgab bindings

stats – Extension with routines for statistical computation.

stem – a PHP extension that provides word stemming

stomp – Stomp client extension

strict – strict

sundown – Sundown is a fast, robust Markdown parsing library for PHP5

svm – Support Vector Machine Library

svn – PHP Bindings for the Subversion Revision control system.

swish – Swish-e bindings

swoole – Event-driven asynchronous and concurrent networking engine with high performance for PHP.

swoole_serialize – the fastest and smallest serialize fucntion bound for php7

syck – YAML-1.0 parser and emitter

sync – Named and unnamed synchronization objects

taint – XSS code sniffer

tcc – TCC Extension

tcpwrap – tcpwrappers binding.

tdb – Trivial DB bindings

termbox – a termbox wrapper for PHP

threads – experimental implementation of threads

tidy – Tidy HTML Repairing and Parsing

timecop – A PHP extension providing “time travel” capabilities.

timezonedb – Timezone Database to be used with PHP’s date and time functions

tk – Extension for Tk (X-windows interface toolkit)

tokyo_tyrant – Provides a wrapper to the Tokyo Tyrant client library.

trace – Trace is a low-overhead tracing tool for PHP

trader – Technical Analysis for traders.

translit – Transliterates non-latin character sets to latin

tvision – Turbo Vision wrapper

txforward – Reverse Proxy (web accelerator) PHP compatibility layer

udis86 – PHP bindings for udis86 library

ui – UI API

unicode – Unicode extension

unicodestring – A native Unicode string object for PHP

uopz – User Operations for Zend

uploadprogress – An extension to track progress of a file upload.

uri_template – uri_template extension

uuid – UUID extension

uv – libuv wrapper

v8 – V8 JavaScript engine API for PHP

v8js – V8 Javascript Engine for PHP

varnish – Varnish Cache bindings

vips – PHP extension for interfacing with libvips

vld – Provides functionality to dump the internal representation of PHP scripts

vpopmail – Provides functions to interact with vpopmail, a Qmail addon

w32api – Win32 and DLL API interface functions

win32ps – Win32 process and memory stats

win32ps_dll – Win32 process and memory stats

win32service – A Windows specific extension to allow PHP to interact with Windows Services.

win32std – Set of standard Windows API functions.

wxwidgets – Cross-platform widget toolkit.

xattr – Extended attributes.

xcommerce – X.commerce bindings and helper methods

xdebug – Provides functions for function traces and profiling

xdiff – File differences/patches.

xhprof – XHProf: A Hierarchical Profiler for PHP

xmlReader – Provides fast, non-cached, forward-only access to XML data under PHP 5.

xmldiff – XML diff and merge

xmlwriter – Provides fast, non-cached, forward-only means to write XML data.

xmms – Provides functions to interact with xmms

xmp – Bindings for the libxmp library

xrange – Numeric iterator primitives

xslcache – A modification of PHP’s standard XSL extension that caches the parsed XSL stylesheet representation

xxtea – XXTEA encryption algorithm extension for PHP.

yac – lockless user data cache

yaconf – PHP Persistent Configurations Container

yaf – PHP Framework in PHP extension

yami – Lightweight inter-object communication infrastructure

yaml – YAML-1.1 parser and emitter

yar – Light, concurrent RPC framework

yaz – Z39.50/SRU client

yp – YP/NIS functions

zeroconf – A PHP interface for browsing network services using ZeroConf

zip – A zip management extension

zlib_filter – zlib filter implementation backport for PHP 5.0

zmq – ZeroMQ messaging

zookeeper – PHP extension for interfacing with Apache ZooKeeper