Tutorial on MongoDB

Hello and welcome to the index post of the MongoDB tutorial. MongoDB is extensively employed as a NoSQL database.

Tutorial on MongoDB.

MongoDB Tutorial

Installing MongoDB

Because the majority of developers use Windows, Mac OS X, or some Unix/Linux variation as their operating system, we have provided three separate tutorials for each type. Depending on your working environment’s operating system, you can choose any one and refer to it.

    1. Installing, starting, and removing MongoDB on Windows


    1. Installing MongoDB on Unix/Linux Systems


    Installing MongoDB on Mac OS X and running it as a service

Functions in MongoDB

After installing MongoDB, it is essential to explore the commonly used functions in Mongo Shell and then utilize the Java driver. For this reason, we have published a series of articles covering various functions of Mongo DB, including CRUD operations, insertion, updating, finding, removal, and more. You can refer to the articles listed below for comprehensive information on MongoDB functions.

    1. Beginner’s Example of CRUD Operations in MongoDB using Java:


    1. – Insert data into MongoDB


    1. – Perform bulk insert in MongoDB


    1. – Update data in MongoDB


    1. – Find data in MongoDB


    1. – Find and retrieve a single document in MongoDB


    1. – Perform find and modify operation in MongoDB


    1. – Retrieve distinct values from MongoDB


    1. – Check if a document exists in MongoDB


    1. – Remove a document from MongoDB


    1. – Insert or update a document in MongoDB if it doesn’t exist already


    – Sort data in MongoDB

Advanced Concepts in MongoDB Tutorial

Once you have reviewed the fundamental functions, it is now appropriate to explore more advanced features. Keep in mind that we will continue to include additional advanced examples, so this list will expand over time. If there is a particular topic you would like us to address, please feel free to request it in the comments.

    1. Configuration for authenticating MongoDB


    Example of Map Reduce in MongoDB

Integration of MongoDB with other frameworks

We have shared several articles on integrating MongoDB with Servlet-based Web applications, the Spring framework, and the Primefaces JSF framework.

    1. Integrating MongoDB with a Servlet Web Application


    1. A Tutorial on Spring Data MongoDB Example


    An Example of Primefaces Spring NoSQL Integration – MongoDB, EclipseLink, and Oracle NoSQL DB

This concludes the MongoDB tutorial, which should provide you with the necessary knowledge to begin working with MongoDB. If you have any specific topics related to MongoDB that you would like to learn about, please indicate them in the comments. Reference: Official Website.


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