Which data sources and plugins are supported by the Cacti system?

Cacti system supports various data sources and plugins, including:

  1. Data source:
  1. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol): used for monitoring performance data of network devices.
  2. WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation): used to monitor performance data of the Windows operating system.
  3. MySQL is used to monitor performance data of database servers.
  4. Ping is used to monitor the availability and latency of a host.
  5. JMX (Java Management Extensions): Used to monitor performance data of Java applications.
  6. XML is used for importing external data sources.
  1. Plugin:
  1. Thold: used to set thresholds and send alerts.
  2. Weathermap: a tool for creating network topology maps and visualizing monitoring data.
  3. Settings: Used to configure the system parameters of Cacti.
  4. Aggregate: Used to calculate and display summary values from multiple data sources.
  5. Realtime: used to view real-time performance data.
  6. Syslog: Used for monitoring system logs.
  7. Discovery: used for automatically finding network devices.
  8. Reportit: Generates performance reports.

The above are commonly used data sources and plugins in the Cacti system, users can also choose to install other plugins or customize data sources according to their own needs and environment.

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