What is the difference between Zabbix Agent and Zabbix Proxy?

The Zabbix Agent is a lightweight monitoring client program installed on the host being monitored, responsible for collecting performance data and sending it to the Zabbix Server for processing. It can monitor various metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, and disk space.

Zabbix Proxy functions as an intermediary agent that facilitates communication between the Zabbix Agent and Zabbix Server. It helps reduce the burden on the Zabbix Server, improving performance and scalability. Additionally, Zabbix Proxy can collect data in different network environments and transfer it to the Zabbix Server.

Therefore, the Zabbix Agent is a client program that is directly installed on the monitored host, responsible for collecting data; whereas the Zabbix Proxy is an intermediary program that is responsible for proxing communication between the Agent and Server, and can enhance system performance and scalability.

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