What is the data persistence solution for Prometheus?

Prometheus’s data persistence solutions mainly include two options: local storage and remote storage.

  1. Local storage: By default, Prometheus stores the collected monitoring metric data on the local disk in a certain data block format. This method is suitable for small-scale monitoring systems, allowing for quick deployment and usage, while also providing simple data querying and display functions.
  2. Remote storage: For large-scale monitoring systems or scenarios that require long-term storage of large amounts of monitoring data, Prometheus also offers a solution for remote storage. Prometheus supports writing data to remote storage systems, such as InfluxDB, VictoriaMetrics, etc. This allows monitoring data to be stored in specialized storage systems, achieving higher data reliability and persistent storage capabilities.

Depending on specific monitoring needs and system size, suitable data persistence solutions can be chosen to meet storage and query requirements for monitoring data.

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