What are the methods of data compression in HBase?

There are several main ways to compress data in HBase:

  1. Gzip compression: Gzip is a universal data compression algorithm that effectively reduces data size, saving storage space. In HBase, you can enable Gzip compression by configuring the hbase.hregion.memstore.chunkpool.maxsize parameter.
  2. “LZO Compression: LZO is a high-performance data compression algorithm that efficiently compresses data and has fast compression and decompression speeds. In HBase, you can enable LZO compression by configuring the hbase.hstore.blockingStoreFiles parameter.”
  3. Snappy Compression: Snappy is a fast compression and decompression algorithm with high compression ratio and speed. In HBase, you can enable Snappy compression by configuring the hbase.regionserver.codec parameter.
  4. LZ4 compression: LZ4 is a highly efficient compression algorithm known for its fast compression speed and low CPU usage. You can enable LZ4 compression in HBase by configuring the hbase.regionserver.storefile.compression.codec parameter.
  5. No Compression: It is possible to disable data compression in HBase, allowing data to be stored in its original size without any compression.
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