What are the common issues and solutions for the Cacti system?

  1. Database connection issue: If Cacti is unable to connect to the database, it may be due to incorrect database credentials or the database service not being started. The solution is to check the database connection information, ensure the credentials are correct, and verify that the database service has been started.
  2. Issue with graphic display: At times, Cacti may not be able to display graphics correctly, possibly due to errors in graphic template configuration or corrupted RRD files. To address this, you should verify the correctness of the graphic template configuration and attempt to regenerate the RRD files.
  3. Performance issue: If Cacti is running slow or consuming too many resources, you can try optimizing database indexes, increasing system resources, or regularly cleaning up data to improve performance.
  4. SNMP configuration issue: Cacti uses the SNMP protocol to retrieve device information. If the SNMP configuration is incorrect, it may result in monitoring failures. The solution is to verify the correctness of the SNMP configuration and ensure that the devices have been properly set up with SNMP settings.
  5. Plugin issue: Cacti supports a variety of plugins to expand its functionality. If a plugin is not working properly, it may be due to incorrect plugin configuration or incompatibility with the Cacti version. The solution is to check the plugin configuration and ensure compatibility with the Cacti version.

In general, to solve common issues with the Cacti system, start by verifying the configuration information is correct, then address the specific problem accordingly. If the issue persists, consult the official Cacti documentation or seek help in relevant communities.

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