How to fix log4j log timestamp disorder?

If the timestamps in log4j logs are incorrect, there are several possible solutions.

  1. Check the system time: First, make sure the system time is set correctly, including the operating system’s time and time zone settings.
  2. Review the log format configuration: log4j’s log output format can be configured through PatternLayout to ensure the correct date and time format is used.
  3. Check the version of the logging component: Make sure that you are using the latest version of the log4j library and that there are no known timestamp issues. If any timestamp issues are found, consider upgrading to a higher version or using a different logging component.
  4. Check the log output destinations: Ensure that the time settings for different log output targets, such as files, databases, or remote servers, are correct.
  5. Check for multi-threading environment: If the program is multi-threaded, the timing of log output may be disordered. You can try using synchronization mechanisms to ensure the orderly output of logs.
  6. Check the configuration of the logger: The logger can be configured either through a configuration file or code to ensure that the time settings of the logger are correctly configured.

If the above methods do not solve the issue, you can try using other logging components such as Logback or Slf4j to see if they can resolve the problem of time mismatches.

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