How to fix Docker not connecting to Redis

If the Docker container cannot connect to the Redis server, there may be several possible solutions available:

  1. Make sure the Redis server is running: Ensure that the Redis server is running and can be connected to from a client on the host machine, such as through the command line.
  2. Check the Docker network settings to make sure that the Docker container and the Redis server are on the same network. You can use the commands Docker network ls and Docker network inspect to verify the network settings.
  3. Check communication between containers: If the Redis server and Docker containers are on different hosts, you may need to configure network settings or use container orchestration tools such as Docker Swarm.
  4. Check the firewall settings in the container: Occasionally, the firewall settings inside the container may block connections to external servers, and this issue can be resolved by checking the firewall settings inside the container.
  5. Check the Redis configuration file to ensure that the Redis server’s configuration allows connections from Docker containers. You can examine parameters such as bind and protected-mode in the Redis configuration file.
  6. Check the port mapping: If using port mapping to connect to the Redis server, make sure the port mapping settings in the Docker container are correct.

These are some possible solutions, please debug and troubleshoot the issue based on your specific situation, hoping it helps you.

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