How to check system resource usage in FreeBSD?

In FreeBSD, you can use the following command to view the system resource usage:

  1. The top command displays the processes currently running on the system and the resources they are using, such as CPU, memory, and swap space. To run the top command, use the command below:
  1. VMstat command: The vmstat command can display the system’s virtual memory statistics, including memory, swap space, system scheduling, etc. You can use the following command to run vmstat:
  1. Systat command: The systat command is a comprehensive system information viewing tool that can display CPU, memory, disk, network, and other information. You can use the following command to run systat:

In addition to the commands mentioned above, there are also other commands available to see the usage of system resources, such as:

  1. ps command: The ps command can display information about processes currently running on the system, such as their PID, CPU usage, memory usage, etc. To run ps, use the following command:
ps aux
  1. df command: The df command can display the usage of disk space. You can run df using the following command:
df -h

By using the above commands, you can check the usage of system resources and adjust the system configuration timely to optimize system performance.

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