How is the nested scrollview used in Android?

In Android, a NestedScrollView is a scroll container that allows nesting one scroll view within another. This allows the outer NestedScrollView to start scrolling only when the inner scroll view (such as RecyclerView, ListView, etc.) reaches the bottom.

The steps for using NestedScrollView are as follows:

  1. Add a NestedScrollView in the XML layout file as the parent container and place the scroll view that needs to be nested as a child view of the NestedScrollView.

    <!-- 嵌套的滚动视图 -->

  1. Access the NestedScrollView in the code and configure some properties or listeners.
NestedScrollView nestedScrollView = findViewById(;
nestedScrollView.setNestedScrollingEnabled(true); // 开启嵌套滚动

NestedScrollView can solve conflicts that occur during nested scrolling, resulting in a smoother scrolling experience.

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