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Refund Rules and Algorithms

Update time 2023-05-01 17:13  Version v5.8
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1. Refund Classification

a) Full refund (no reason, automated)
A full refund will be deducted for third-party payment channel fees such as Paypal / Alipay / Stripe. Reason: The third-party payment channel will not refund the service fee for any reason.
Please note that promotional packages, such as SP offer / Group-buy, etc., are not eligible for full refunds.

b) Normal refund (manual review)
For ordinary refunds, different deduction calculation formulas are used when processing different orders.

c) priority
For cloud products purchased in the event, if the general refund rules conflict with the event rules, the event rules shall prevail;

2. Refund Formula

a) The refund calculation formula displayed on the current page may lag behind. Our company reserves the right to adjust the deduction ratio displayed on this page by 15%.

b) A full refund (returned to the original route) will be charged a 6% payment channel handling fee. Please note that the 3rd party payment processing fee for this order is not exactly 6%. Different third-party payment companies have pricing differences, and the countries/regions of users’ funds are different, so there is no uniform standard for the rate. In order to simplify the refund steps, the user and SiliCloud jointly determine that 6% is the third-party payment fee rate uniformly recognized by all parties to the transaction.

c) Ordinary refunds. For different orders, different deduction standards apply to ordinary refunds. After deducting the payment channel handling fee, we will also deduct product usage fees, product activation fees, and group activity breach fees.
Payment channel handling fee: 6%. Refund to balance, no charge. Charge when the funds leave the SiliCloud platform.
Product usage fee: according to pay-as-you-go, accurate to the natural day, less than one day is counted as one day.

For example, the monthly product fee is 25 HKD, and 12.5 days of usage are counted as 13 days of usage. Product usage fee = 13 / 30 * 25 = 10.83 HKD

For example, the monthly fee of the product is 25 HKD, and it was used for 2 days, but the traffic 400G of 500G was used. Product usage fee = 400 / 500 * 25 = 20 HKD

Product activation fee: 5% product activation fee will be charged for all normal refund orders and the product is successfully activated.
Group activity breach fee: All group buy orders are required to charge a 20% group purchase breach fee to curb cheating.

3. Refund Channels

a) Funds paid within 30 days can only be refunded to the original route.

b) After 30 natural days, we provide manual service for bank transfer to the same-name account for refund. This refund method requires a 100HKD manual service fee. In addition, all bank charges are borne by the user. (Small funds are not recommended)

4. Refund Responsibility

In ‘TOS’, it has been agreed that SiliCloud’s refund service is only an attitude of friendly business cooperation, not the terms of law or contract. No-reason refunds will be performed automatically, but if your business receives complaints or causes your IP address to be blacklisted by other organizations, or any other negative impact, SiliCloud will reject your manual refund.

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