Which programming languages are supported by the Caffe framework?

Caffe framework primarily supports interfaces in both C++ and Python, allowing full access and control over Caffe functionalities. This means you can use C++ for high-performance deep learning model development and deployment in Caffe, as well as Python for rapid prototyping and experimentation.

  1. C++ Interface: The C++ interface for Caffe is one of its main interfaces, offering excellent performance and flexibility. With the C++ interface, you can directly call Caffe’s underlying libraries to build, train, and test deep learning models.
  2. Python Interface: Caffe also offers a Python interface, allowing users to easily interact with Caffe using Python. The Python interface is better suited for rapid prototyping, experimentation, and integration with other Python libraries.

In conclusion, the Caffe framework supports interfaces in both C++ and Python, allowing users to choose the most suitable interface for developing and applying deep learning models based on their needs.

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