What things should be considered when getting the current time in SQL Server?

When obtaining the current time, it is important to keep in mind the following points:

  1. Timezone: It is important to ensure that the database server’s timezone is set correctly in order to display the time according to the current timezone.
  2. Accuracy: SQL Server provides various functions for retrieving the current time, such as GETDATE(), CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, SYSDATETIME(), etc. Each function has different accuracy and should be chosen based on specific requirements.
  3. Data Type: The current time obtained is of type DateTime, ensuring that the data type matches when comparing or storing it with other data in the database.
  4. Performance: frequent queries for current time can impact database performance, try to avoid unnecessary time querying operations.
  5. Cache: To reduce the number of duplicate queries, store the current time in a variable if it needs to be used in multiple queries.
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