What should I do if a buffer overrun is always detected when starting up my computer?

“Buffer overrun detected” is a security error that indicates a computer program is trying to access a buffer that exceeds the allocated memory space. This is typically caused by programming errors, malicious software, or system vulnerabilities. Some suggestions for resolving this issue include:

  1. Update your software: make sure your operating system, applications, and antivirus software are all up to date to ensure any known security vulnerabilities have been fixed.
  2. Run a virus scan: Use the latest version of antivirus software to perform a comprehensive system scan to ensure your computer is not infected with malicious software.
  3. Identify the program causing the issue: When the computer starts up, there are usually some programs that automatically run. Try to determine which program is causing the error and disable it. You can use Task Manager or other system tools to check for the programs that start automatically.
  4. Fix or uninstall the infected program: If you can determine that a specific program is causing the error, try fixing or uninstalling that program. You can attempt to reinstall the program or contact its developer for further assistance.
  5. Reset system settings: Attempt to reset the configuration of the operating system in order to eliminate any configuration errors that may be causing the issue. You can accomplish this by accessing the “recovery” or “reset” feature of the operating system.
  6. Seeking professional help: If the above methods do not resolve the issue, it is recommended to consult with computer experts or technical support teams for assistance. They may have a better understanding of your specific situation and can provide more accurate solutions.

Before attempting any changes or repairs to the operating system or program settings, be sure to back up important files and data in case of data loss.

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