What is the usage of the for loop statement in the C language?

The usage of the for loop statement in C language is as follows:

for (初始化表达式; 循环条件; 更新表达式) {
    // 循环体

Among them:

  1. Initialization expression: executed before the loop starts, typically used to initialize the loop control variable.
  2. Loop condition: Check before each iteration whether to continue executing the loop; if the condition is true, continue; otherwise, end the loop.
  3. Updated expression: executed after each loop iteration, typically used to update the value of the loop control variable.

The execution process of a for loop statement is as follows: first, the initialization expression is executed, then the loop condition is checked to see if it is true. If it is true, the loop body is executed, and after the loop ends, the update expression is executed. The loop condition is checked again, and this process continues until the loop condition is false.

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