What is the purpose of string.split in C#?

In C#, the string.Split method is used to split a string into an array of strings based on a specified delimiter. By specifying the delimiter, you can group the content of the original string according to specific rules, resulting in a string array. This method is commonly used for processing text data, such as splitting CSV formatted data into fields.

For example, you can use the string.Split method to split a sentence into an array of words based on spaces, or to split a comma-separated string into multiple fields based on commas. The syntax of the method is as follows:

string[] result = originalString.Split(new char[] { ',' });

In the example above, the originalString is the original string and the ‘,’ is the character array used to specify the delimiter. The string.Split method returns a string array containing the various parts of the original string after it has been split by the delimiter.

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