What is the purpose of LinkedList in C#?

The LinkedList in C# is a double-linked data structure that offers an efficient way to store and manipulate elements. Inserting and deleting elements in a LinkedList is more efficient than in an array because it does not require moving other elements. It can also be used to implement queues, stacks, and other data structures because it supports fast operations at both ends.

The main purpose of a LinkedList includes:

  1. Dynamically inserting and deleting elements: Since LinkedList is a data structure that functions as a linked list, the cost of inserting and deleting elements is relatively low, without the need to move other elements.
  2. Implementing queue and stack: LinkedList can be used as the foundational data structure for both queue and stack, supporting fast operations on both ends.
  3. LinkedList can be used to implement other data structures such as double-ended queues.
  4. In certain situations, a LinkedList may be more suitable for storing and manipulating data than an array because arrays require moving elements whereas LinkedList does not.
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