What different plugins and extensions does Nagios offer?

Nagios offers a variety of plugins and extensions, including but not limited to:

  1. NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) enables Nagios servers to execute plugins remotely, allowing for the monitoring of the status of remote hosts.
  2. NSClient++ works similarly to NRPE as a tool that allows Nagios servers to remotely execute plugins.
  3. Nagios Core: The central monitoring engine of Nagios, responsible for carrying out monitoring tasks and generating alerts.
  4. Nagios Plugins: A set of plugins used to monitor various services and applications, including checking host CPU usage, memory usage, disk space, and more.
  5. Nagios Graphs: A tool used to create charts and visually monitor data.
  6. Nagios Dashboard: A dashboard that provides a centralized view of all monitoring data.
  7. Nagios Fusion: a tool for centralizing the management of multiple Nagios servers.
  8. Nagios XI is the commercial version of Nagios, offering additional features and an improved user interface.

In general, Nagios offers a variety of plugins and extensions to meet the monitoring needs of different users.

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