What data types are supported by PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL supports a range of data types including:

  1. Integer types: including integer, bigint, smallint, and others.
  2. Floating-point types: including real and double precision.
  3. String types: include char, varchar, text, and so on.
  4. Date, time, and timestamp are examples of date/time types.
  5. Boolean type: boolean
  6. Type of array: array
  7. JSON data types: json and jsonb
  8. Types of shapes include point, line, circle, and polygon.
  9. Internet address types: inet and cidr.
  10. Data types: bit and bit varying
  11. Enumeration type: enum
  12. customized type
  13. Type of range: range

These data types can meet various data storage and processing needs, while also supporting user-defined data types.

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