What built-in system monitoring tools does LinuxMint have?

LinuxMint comes with various built-in system monitoring tools, such as:

  1. System Monitor is a graphical tool used to monitor CPU, memory, disk, and network usage on a system.
  2. Disk Usage Analyzer: a tool for viewing disk space usage and identifying the files or directories that occupy the most space.
  3. System Profiler and Benchmark: A tool used to view hardware and software information of the system, as well as to conduct performance tests.
  4. Network Tools: Such as Ping, Traceroute, and Netcat, are used to diagnose network connections and issues.
  5. Logs (log viewer): Used to view system log files in order to track events and errors that occur during system operation.
  6. Disks: Used for viewing and managing disk partitions, as well as performing disk backup and recovery operations.

These tools can assist users in monitoring the performance and resource usage of the system, as well as resolving some common issues.

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