What are the various scenarios where require_once is used in PHP?

  1. Load configuration files: In a project, it is common to store certain configuration information in configuration files and use require_once to load these files, making it easier to centrally manage the configuration information.
  2. Introducing external libraries: During the development process, you may need to use third-party libraries or frameworks. You can use require_once to include these external libraries for use in your project.
  3. Load function library: you can encapsulate commonly used functions in a file and then use require_once to load this function library file for use within the project.
  4. Modular development: in a project, different functional modules can be individually encapsulated into a file, then using require_once to include these module files, in order to use these functional modules in the project.
  5. Avoiding duplicate loading: require_once will check if the file has already been loaded, and if so, it will not reload it again, which helps to prevent the same file from being loaded multiple times.
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