What are the use cases of HBase database?

  1. HBase is suitable for storing and managing large-scale datasets, such as user data and log data in internet applications.
  2. Real-time data analysis and processing: HBase supports real-time data read and write operations, making it suitable for scenarios that require real-time analysis and processing of data, such as real-time monitoring systems and real-time recommendation systems.
  3. Storing and analyzing time series data: HBase is suitable for storing and analyzing time series data, such as sensor data and log data.
  4. Cache and temporary storage of data: HBase can be used as a cache and temporary storage for data, enhancing data access speed and performance.
  5. Multidimensional data analysis: HBase supports multidimensional data analysis, suitable for scenarios such as data analysis and mining.
  6. Real-time search engine: HBase can serve as the storage engine for real-time search engine, supporting fast data retrieval and querying.
  7. HBase can serve as the metadata storage for distributed systems, storing system configuration information, and status information.
  8. Distributed log storage: HBase is suitable for storing log data from distributed systems, such as logs from distributed file systems and database transactions.
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