mechanisms of the Big Data Atlas in terms of data security?

The big data Atlas has the following features and mechanisms in terms of data security:

  1. Data categorization and labeling: Atlas can assist users in categorizing and labeling data for better data management and protection.
  2. Data access control: Atlas offers a flexible access control mechanism that allows for setting data access control policies based on user roles and permissions.
  3. Data Encryption: Atlas supports data encryption technology to securely store and transmit data, ensuring its security.
  4. Data auditing and monitoring: Atlas can keep track of data operation logs, and provide monitoring capabilities to help users promptly identify and address security issues.
  5. Atlas supports data backup and recovery, allowing users to timely back up data and quickly recover it when needed.
  6. Atlas can scan and patch security vulnerabilities in data storage to enhance data security.
  7. Data Security Standards and Compliance: Atlas adheres to industry standards and data security regulations, ensuring the compliance and security of user data.

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