What are the strengths and weaknesses of Oracle LogMiner?

Some advantages of Oracle LogMiner include:

  1. Real-time data capture: LogMiner can capture changes in the database in real-time, allowing users to obtain real-time data change information.
  2. LogMiner can be used for data recovery, analyzing database log files and restoring deleted or modified data.
  3. Used for data auditing: LogMiner can be utilized for data auditing, tracking the change history of data to meet compliance requirements.
  4. LogMiner can be used for data analysis, helping users to analyze data changes in the database and identify potential issues or trends.

The drawbacks of LogMiner include:

  1. The performance of the database can be affected: LogMiner may consume some system resources, which could impact the performance of the database.
  2. Professional knowledge is required: LogMiner requires a certain level of database management and data analysis knowledge, users need to possess relevant skills in order to effectively use LogMiner.
  3. Additional licenses may be required: In some cases, LogMiner may require additional licenses to be used.
  4. Management of log files: LogMiner requires access to the database’s log files, so it is necessary to manage the log files to ensure their integrity and availability.
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