What are the scenarios suitable for HBase?

  1. Real-time storage and analysis of data: HBase can store large amounts of real-time data and provide fast read and write access, making it suitable for scenarios that require real-time analysis and processing of large data sets, such as log analysis and real-time monitoring.
  2. HBase is capable of horizontal scaling and can support data storage on a petabyte scale, making it suitable for scenarios that require storage of massive amounts of data, such as user data and product data in internet companies.
  3. High reliability requirements: HBase offers redundant data backups and automatic fault recovery capabilities to ensure data reliability, making it suitable for scenarios with high data reliability requirements.
  4. High concurrency read and write requirements: HBase supports high concurrency read and write operations, meeting the needs of multiple users accessing the same data simultaneously, and is suitable for scenarios that require high concurrency read and write, such as social networking and online gaming.
  5. Complex data model: HBase allows for flexible data modeling, enabling the storage of complex data structures such as multi-level indexes, nested data, etc. This is suitable for scenarios that require storing complex data structures like graph data, relational data, etc.
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