What are the methods for splitting SQL arrays?

In SQL, the most common method for splitting arrays is through the following approach:

  1. With the SUBSTRING function, you can extract a portion of elements from an array. For example, you can use the SUBSTRING function to get the first few elements in an array or elements within a specified range.
  2. By using the STRING_SPLIT function, a string that is separated by commas or other delimiters can be split into multiple elements.
  3. The ARRAY_SLICE function can be used in certain database systems such as PostgreSQL to extract a portion of elements from an array.
  4. Using the JSON function: If the array is stored in JSON format, you can use the JSON function to parse the JSON string and retrieve elements from the array.

These are common methods for splitting SQL arrays, and the specific method used will depend on the individual situation and the database system being utilized.

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