What are some common Prometheus startup parameters?

  1. Specify the configuration file for Prometheus with the flag “–config.file”.
  2. -web.listen-address: Specifies the address and port of the Prometheus HTTP server, with the default being
  3. Specify the storage path for the time series database in storage.tsdb.path.
  4. – web.enable-lifecycle: Enables the lifecycle endpoint of the HTTP server.
  5. Enable the administrator API endpoint of the HTTP server with the flag –web.enable-admin-api.
  6. – web.console.templates: Specifies the path of the template file for the console.
  7. Specify the path for the control panel library files in the web console.
  8. Specify the path of the console template files using the parameter “–web.console.templates=”/path/to/templates”.
  9. -log.level: sets the log level, with the optional values of debug, info, warn, error, and fatal.
  10. -log.format: set the log format, available options are logfmt and json
  11. – query.max-concurrency: sets the maximum concurrency of queries, with a default of 20.
  12. – storage.tsdb.retention: Specifies the default retention period for time series data, which is set to 15 days.
  13. storage.tsdb.retention.time: This sets the retention time for time series data, acting as an alternative parameter when the retention parameter is not used.
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