What are some common issues and solutions for the Cacti system?

Common issues and solutions for Cacti system are as follows:

  1. Data not updated in time could be due to incorrect configuration of the data source or unreasonable data collection frequency. To resolve this, check if the data source is configured correctly and adjust the data collection frequency accordingly.
  2. The chart is displaying inaccurately: sometimes this may be due to incorrect data formatting in the data source or errors in the chart configuration. To resolve this issue, check the data formatting in the data source and reconfigure the chart.
  3. Slow access speed: The Cacti system may experience slow access speed issues when dealing with large amounts of data. This can be resolved by optimizing database query statements, enhancing server performance, or deploying a distributed system.
  4. Data Loss: Sometimes data may be incomplete or lost due to errors during the data collection process or insufficient storage space. To resolve this issue, check error logs during the data collection process and promptly clean up storage space.
  5. The alarm settings may be inaccurate in the Cacti system, leading to missed or false alarms. The solution is to review the alarm settings and adjust the rules according to the actual situation.

The above are some common issues with Cacti systems and their solutions, hope this helps you.

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