The API function SHFileOperation cannot copy files in Windows 7.

When copying files using the API function SHFileOperation in Windows 7, you may encounter the following issues:

  1. Permission issue: Make sure the target folder has sufficient permissions for your program to copy files. If your program does not have administrator privileges, try copying the files to a non-system protected folder.
  2. File path issue: When passing a file path, make sure the path information is correct. The path should be an absolute path, ending with the file name, for example: “C:\folder\file.txt”.
  3. Resource conflict: Ensure that there are no files or folders with the same name in the target folder. The copy operation may fail if there are any files or folders with the same name.
  4. The target folder does not exist: If the target folder does not exist, the SHFileOperation function will not be able to copy the file. Make sure the target folder exists and the path is correct.
  5. Parameter settings issue: Ensure that the parameters in the SHFILEOPSTRUCT structure are set correctly. For example, ensure that the bAnyOperationsAborted flag is set to FALSE to prevent copying failure due to the user canceling the operation.

If the above steps still do not resolve the issue, it is recommended to try other methods such as using the CopyFile function, utilizing file manipulation methods provided by the .NET framework, or using a third-party library to handle file copying operations.

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