How to use views in SQLite?

In SQLite, you can create a view using the CREATE VIEW statement. A view is a virtual table created based on the result set of a SELECT query. You can run SELECT queries on a view just like you would on a regular table.

Here is an example of creating a view in SQLite:

SELECT column1, column2
FROM my_table
WHERE condition;

In the example above, my_view is the name of the view, my_table is the name of the table from which data is retrieved, and condition is the criteria used to filter the data.

To retrieve data from a view, you can execute the following query:

SELECT * FROM my_view;

Views can be used to simplify complex queries, separate logic, and improve the readability and maintainability of queries. In SQLite, you can manipulate views like regular tables, but it is important to note that views are just virtual tables that do not store actual data; they generate data based on the query statement.

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