How to use SQLite for date and time operations?

In SQLite, you can use date and time functions to perform operations on dates and times. Here are some commonly used date and time functions and how to use them:

  1. Get the current date and time:
SELECT datetime('now');
  1. Get the current date:
SELECT date('now');
  1. Get the current time.
SELECT time('now');
  1. Format date and time:
SELECT strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S', 'now');
  1. Calculate the difference between dates.
SELECT julianday('2022-01-01') - julianday('2021-01-01');
  1. Perform addition and subtraction operations on dates.
SELECT date('2022-01-01', '+1 year');
SELECT date('2022-01-01', '-1 month');
  1. Performing addition and subtraction operations on time.
SELECT time('12:00:00', '+1 hour');
SELECT time('12:00:00', '-30 minutes');
  1. Compare dates and times:
SELECT datetime('2022-01-01') > datetime('2021-01-01');

Here are some commonly used SQLite date and time operation methods that you can choose based on your specific needs.

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