How to speed up copying data on Linux?

  1. The use of the rsync command for data copying can help speed up data transfer and only transfer files that have changed, saving time and bandwidth.
  2. Using the scp command to copy data is a fast and secure way to transfer files.
  3. Packing files with the tar command before copying them can reduce the number of files and increase transfer speed.
  4. Adjust the network settings of the system, such as adjusting TCP window size and other parameters to improve network transmission speed.
  5. Ensure that the system’s hardware configuration is powerful enough, including the CPU, memory, hard drive, etc., to ensure that the speed of data copying is not limited by hardware performance.
  6. Consider using faster network connection methods such as gigabit Ethernet or fiber optic connections for cross-network copying.
  7. Ensure that there is enough disk space on the target device to prevent the copying process from slowing down due to the disk being filled up.

By using the above methods, the speed of data copying in Linux systems can be effectively improved.

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