How to set up a firewall in Linux Mint?

Setting up a firewall in Linux Mint can be done by following these steps:

  1. Graphical User Interface Firewall
sudo apt-get install gufw
  1. Graphical User Interface for Firewall
  1. In the gufw interface, click on the “Enable Firewall” button, then you can set firewall rules. You can choose to allow, deny, or specify network access permissions for applications.
  2. In the “Rules” tab, you can add, edit, or delete rules to protect system security as needed.
  3. In the “Settings” tab, you can adjust general configurations for the firewall, such as enabling the firewall automatically at startup and activating alerts.

Once the settings are applied, the firewall will start protecting the system from network attacks. You can always go back to the gufw interface to modify and manage the firewall rules.

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