How to perform full-text search in SQLite?

To perform full-text search in SQLite, you can use the Full Text Search module FTS or the virtual table module FTS5. The steps below outline how to conduct a full-text search using FTS5.

  1. Create a table that includes full-text search content, such as a table named “articles.”
CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE articles USING FTS5(title, content);
  1. Insert data into the table.
INSERT INTO articles (title, content) VALUES ('Title 1', 'Content of article 1');
INSERT INTO articles (title, content) VALUES ('Title 2', 'Content of article 2');
  1. Perform a full text search, such as searching for articles that contain the keyword “search.”
SELECT * FROM articles WHERE articles MATCH 'search';

This enables full-text search functionality in SQLite databases. It is important to note that in order to use the FTS5 module, it must be enabled when compiling SQLite.

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