How to manage users and permissions in ArchLinux?

To manage users and permissions in ArchLinux, you can use the following commands:

  1. add a new user
sudo useradd -m username

This command will create a new user and also create a folder with the same name as the user in the /home directory.

  1. password
sudo passwd username
  1. change password
sudo passwd username
  1. modify user
sudo usermod -c "New User Name" username
  1. delete user
sudo userdel -r username

Please note that option -r will also delete the user’s home directory.

  1. change the permission settings
chmod 755 filename

This command sets the file permissions so that the owner has read, write, and execute permissions, while the group and other users have read and execute permissions.

  1. change owner
sudo chown username:groupname filename
  1. Could you please provide identification?
id username

These are some basic commands for managing users and permissions in Arch Linux, which can be used to manage according to actual needs.

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