How to manage users and groups in FreeBSD?

In FreeBSD, you can use the following commands to manage users and groups:

  1. Create user:
sudo pw useradd [username] -m
  1. Change user password:
sudo passwd [username]
  1. Remove user:
sudo pw userdel [username]
  1. Modify user information:
sudo pw usermod [username] -c "New User Name" -s /bin/csh
  1. Create group.
sudo pw groupadd [groupname]
  1. Add user to group.
sudo pw groupmod [groupname] -m [username]
  1. Remove group:
sudo pw groupdel [groupname]
  1. Update group information.
sudo pw groupmod [groupname] -n [newgroupname]

These commands can be used in the command line to manage users and groups. For more detailed information on user and group management, please refer to the official documentation of FreeBSD.

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