How to install and configure Tomcat application server in CentOS?

There are certain steps to install and configure Tomcat application server on CentOS.

  1. Install Tomcat using the following command:
sudo yum install tomcat
  1. Start the Tomcat service.
sudo systemctl start tomcat
  1. Enable automatic startup of Tomcat service on boot.
sudo systemctl enable tomcat
  1. To verify if Tomcat has been installed successfully, enter the following address in your browser:
  1. You can edit the configuration file of Tomcat to set up relevant information such as the port number and location of the log file.
sudo vi /etc/tomcat/server.xml
  1. Adjusting the user permissions for Tomcat allows for editing the user configuration files of Tomcat.
sudo vi /etc/tomcat/tomcat-users.xml
  1. To set up the environment variables for Tomcat, you can edit Tomcat’s environment variable file.
sudo vi /etc/tomcat/tomcat.conf
  1. Restart the Tomcat service to apply the configurations.
sudo systemctl restart tomcat

By following the steps above, you can install and configure the Tomcat application server on CentOS.

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