How to find and replace text in Linux?

In Linux, you can use the following command to search and replace text:

  1. Use the grep command to search for text: grep ‘text to search for’ filename or grep -r ‘text to search for’ directory name, you can search for lines containing the specified text in the specified file or directory.
  2. Use the sed command to replace text: sed ‘s/text to be replaced/replaced text/g’ filename, can find and replace text in a specified file.
  3. Process text using the awk command: awk ‘{gsub(“text to be replaced”,”replacement text”)}1’ filename, you can also perform text replacement operations in a specified file.
  4. To find and replace text using the Vim editor, enter command mode by pressing :, then type %s/text_to_replace/replacement_text/g to search and replace the text.

Here are several common methods for finding and replacing text in Linux. Choose the appropriate method based on your specific situation.

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