How to ensure that only one application is running on Android?

There are various ways to achieve running only one application on an Android device.

  1. Using a lock screen app or app lock feature: There are many third-party apps available in the store that can help you lock a specific app on your device, allowing it to run in the foreground while blocking other apps from being opened. This can help achieve the effect of running only one app.
  2. Implement device management policies: On Android devices, users can be restricted to only running specific applications by setting device management policies. This prevents users from opening other applications, essentially achieving the effect of running only one application.
  3. Custom ROM or dedicated devices: For even tighter control, you may consider custom ROM or using dedicated devices. Custom ROM allows for modifications to the Android system to run only a specific application. Dedicated devices can be customized hardware and software to run only specified applications.

It is important to consider user experience and device security when implementing the feature of running only one application to avoid unnecessary inconvenience or leaking user information.

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