How to dynamically create and manage WinForms controls?

  1. Creating WinForms controls dynamically.

In WinForms, it is possible to dynamically create controls through code. For example, to create a button control, you can use the following code:

Button button = new Button();
button.Text = "Click me";
button.Size = new Size(100, 50);
button.Location = new Point(50, 50);


By using the above code, you can dynamically create a button control on the form and add it to the form’s control collection.

  1. Managing dynamically created WinForms controls:

Once a control is dynamically created, it can be managed through code. For example, one can modify the control’s properties, add event handlers, and perform other operations.

button.Text = "New text";
button.Click += Button_Click;

Modify the button’s text to “New text” using the above code, and add an event handler Button_Click for the button’s Click event.

Also, if you need to remove dynamically created controls, you can use the following code:


By the aforementioned code, remove the button control from the form’s control collection and release the resources occupied by the button.

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