How to deploy and use Prometheus?

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring system used for monitoring and alerting. Here is a brief guide on how to deploy and use Prometheus:

  1. Download Prometheus and unpack it:
    First, go to the official website of Prometheus ( to download the latest version of Prometheus. Unpack the downloaded file into the directory where you want to place Prometheus.
  2. Set up Prometheus by entering the decompression directory of Prometheus and editing the prometheus.yml configuration file. In this configuration file, you can define monitoring targets and rules, as well as configure alert rules.
  3. Start Prometheus:
    To start Prometheus, navigate to the Prometheus directory in the command line and run the following command.
  4. Run Prometheus using the configuration file prometheus.yml.
  5. Accessing the Prometheus web interface:
    Open a browser and visit http://localhost:9090, where you will see the Prometheus web interface. From this interface, you can view monitoring metrics, configure alert rules, and more.
  6. Monitor your application with Prometheus:
    Configure Prometheus monitoring metrics in the application you want to monitor. These metrics can be related to the performance of the application, logging, etc. You can query these monitoring metrics using Prometheus’ query language, PromQL, and set up alerts using Prometheus’ alerting rules.
  7. To set up Alertmanager:
    To receive alert notifications, you can configure Alertmanager. In the prometheus.yml configuration file, specify the address of Alertmanager and the alerting rules.

Here are the brief steps for deploying and using Prometheus. Hope this helps you!

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