How to configure password policy for user accounts in the SUSE system?

In the SUSE system, you can configure the password policy of user accounts by modifying the /etc/login.defs file. Here are some common password policy configuration options:

  1. PASS_MAX_DAYS: This sets the maximum number of days a password is valid. By adjusting this value, you can require users to change their password regularly.
  2. PASS_MIN_DAYS: Sets the minimum number of days before a password can be changed. This can be used to restrict users from changing their password too frequently.
  3. PASS_MIN_LEN: Specifies the minimum length required for setting a password, allowing for enhanced password complexity.
  4. PASS_WARN_AGE: Set the number of days before a password expires that users will receive a warning. This value can be adjusted to remind users that their password is about to expire.

Edit the /etc/login.defs file, locate the option mentioned above and modify its value as needed. Once the file is saved, the new password policy will take effect.

Furthermore, user account password policies can be further managed and configured using command-line tools such as passwd and chage.

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