How to check hardware information in the SUSE system?

In SUSE system, you can use the following command to view hardware information:

  1. Use the command lscpu to view CPU information such as the CPU model, number of cores, number of threads, and so on.
  2. You can use the command lsblk to view information about block devices in the system, such as hard drives and partitions.
  3. Use the command “lspci” to check information about PCI devices, such as graphics cards and network cards.
  4. Use the command lsusb to check information about USB devices, such as keyboards, mice, etc.
  5. Check the information of loaded kernel modules using the lsmod command.
  6. Use the command dmidecode to view the system’s DMI information, such as the motherboard model and BIOS version.
  7. By using the command ls /proc, you can check other hardware information of the system, such as memory and CPU.

These commands can help you quickly understand the hardware status of the system for system management and troubleshooting purposes.

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