How to check disk usage on Ubuntu?

There are several methods to check disk usage on Ubuntu.

  1. By using the df command in the terminal, you can display all mounted file systems along with their usage details, such as total disk space, used space, available space, and mount points.
df -h
  1. Use the “du” command: By typing the “du” command in the terminal, you can view the amount of disk space a specified directory or file is using, which includes the disk space size occupied by that directory or file.
du -h /path/to/directory
  1. Utilize the GNOME Disk Usage Analyzer: In the Ubuntu desktop environment, you can use the GNOME Disk Usage Analyzer to visually visualize and view disk usage, including charts and lists of disk space usage.

With the above methods, you can easily view the disk usage in the Ubuntu system, promptly understand the disk space usage, in order to clean up or manage it in a timely manner.

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